ekit 4C quad-band phone + Explorer Service


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  • USD$10.00 call credit
  • Make Calls: from 20c/min
  • Send text messages: from 15c
  • Prepaid Data: from 35c/MB
  • FREE to receive calls in over 17 popular destinations
  • No Connection fees
  • Excellent coverage in 190 countries
  • New GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Color Phone

JT Smart 2 Android Smartphone + One-Rate Service


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  • USD$5.00 call credit
  • 4 simple zones - same rate for calling and texting
  • Calls and Text Messages: from 39c
  • Prepaid Data: from 39c/MB
  • No connection fees
  • Excellent coverage in 190 countries
  • Quad-Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900

iSatPhone Pro Rental


As low as $3.99 per day!


  • Almost complete coverage of the earth
  • Including oceans, airways and polar regions
  • Spare Battery
  • Water Resistant, Rugged with Rubber guard

International Data SIM



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  • Included Data: 200MB or 1GB
  • Coverage in: 36 countries
    (Including USA & much of Europe)
  • Expiry: 30 days from first use
  • Great for emails, streaming videos & more

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